Products & Services Offered:lamp

Still Photography

Wedding and other family occasion Photography:

Corporate Photography; Corporate & private Function PhotoBooths, Video Booths and Hashtag Booth Services.

In Studio Photography or On Location; Portraiture, Model Portfolios, Product Photography, Private Boudoir Shoots & Studio Hire



In addition to cenventional Event Videography, be it Corporate, Family or special event.


We also provide:

High speed still (60 fps) and videography (slow motion) 60 to 1200 fps  (to analyse that golf or tenis swing)           

Time lapse photography produced to videos short segments (to monitor the site progress, compress the event hapenings to a watchable segment)


Rates Card - Get the Latest standard Price list (pdf file)

We usually like to discuss and taylor a package to suit a clients specific requirements, but the same hourly on and off site rates are used in these examples of packages available.